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Baking accessory  – Chicago metallic  

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Chicago Metallic Bun / Sheet Pans

Our selection of Chicago Metallic bun and sheet pans come in a variety of sizes and styles to meet the every need of your bakery business!

Chicago Metallic Bread Loaf Pans

Bake one loaf or half a dozen loaves at one time with Chicago Metallic bread loaf pans! Whether you are looking for single pans or 2-, 3-, or 4-strap pans, Chicago Metallic has got you covered!

Chicago Metallic Market and Bakery Display Trays

Chicago Metallic market and bakery display trays are perfect for displaying your restaurant or bakery’s delicious creations.

Chicago Metallic Pizza Pans

Pizza pans are essential to a variety of foodservice businesses, and Chicago Metallic’s inventory of products is sure to deliver.

Molded Fiber Glass Tray Company offers an extensive line of products expressly designed for food storage, preparation and merchandising. Thanks to their composite construction, MFG Tray food service products offer inherent strength and weight-carrying capacity and can be readily stacked without sagging or bending. They safely handle items to be frozen or refrigerated. MFG Tray food service products may be cleaned in conventional dishwashers or steam cleaned.

Many MFG Tray food service trays and containers are safe for food service and are listed in NSF under the NSF Ansi 2-Food Service Equipment. The smooth, nonporous surface of composite products resists odors, stains and mildew and is not harmed by detergents.

Dough Trays

The original dough box. Product protection and durability have made MFG Tray dough trays and boxes the industry standard in dough storage, proofing and handling.

Proofing Boards

Designed for use with standard proofing racks, MFG Tray proofing boards won’t bend, warp or sag and are easily cleaned in standard washers.

Pan Extenders

MFG Tray pan extenders are an innovative solution ensuring straight edges for baked goods, eliminating trimming losses while preventing over-baking and are designed to accommodate standard baking temperatures

Supreme Display Trays

MFG Tray supreme display trays are versatile and durable trays that can carry heavy loads with no bending or sagging.

Market Display Trays

MFG Tray light weight and budget friendly market display trays are offered in several sizes and colors. They easily integrate with product display cases and racks as well as interior décor.

Cafeteria Trays

MFG Tray cafeteria trays are ideal for all food serving facilities and are available in many shapes and sizes.

Non-Slip Trays

MFG Tray non-slip serving trays are strong, light and easy to handle. They provide up to 150 percent improvement in surface grip and stability to substantially reduce costly breakage from spills.

Prep & Storage Containers

MFG Tray storage containers are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate an array of applications such as food preparation, refrigeration and freezing operations.

Ventilation Trays

MFG Tray ventilation trays feature dropped sides and/or ends for maximum air circulation allowing for quick drying, cooling or freezing.

Contact us for more information! – (908) 689-5482

Contact us for more information! – (908) 689-5482