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Dough divider at two rows for the production of round bread.


Machine at two rows for the production of round bread

Machine at two rows for the production of round bread. It is equipped with stainless steel hopper for a capacity of 15 kg of dough. The dough, gently handled thanks to a dosing star system, is compressed in the portion chambers, which, appropriately adjusted, gives the required weight. Thanks to 2 chambers easily interchangeable, the machine can divide from about 30 gr to 125 gr dough and from 40 to 180 gr in the model S. Once the weight is fixed, the dough piece is discharged under the rounding station. The rounding happens in two phases and it is possible to adjust both the rounding speed and amplitude. The pieces, properly rounded, exit on conveyor belt. The machine is supplied with one rounding chamber to be chosen.
Hourly production: in 1st speed 2.100 and in 2nd speed 3.300 pieces/hour, if electronic hourly production from 2.000 to 4.000 pieces/hour. Share

Technical Specifications

LYRA MKW 1,301740x1140x1950540620
LYRA M-SKW 1,301740x1140x1950540620
LYRAKW 1,301740x1140x1950540620
LYRA SKW 1,301740x1140x1950540620