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BSI-75 & BSI-75B Slicers

These slicers are capable of running up to 90 loafs per minute.  These band slicers are designed for loaf bread and can run a variety of types.  Over the years, we have made different improvements to this slicer, driven by customer needs and demands.  These systems are often connected to automatic baggers but also can be used as a hand load and hand bag setup.


Flighted Infeed Pros:

  • Flighted infeeds use a simple mechanical timing to the discharge conveyor instead of a complex electronic system like belted infeeds
  • Flighted systems automatically re-align the loaf to push straight into the blades using the positive pressure of the flight
  • Flighted infeeds are great at keeping timing as the flights only allow for one loaf in and one loaf out
  • Flighted infeeds use an elevator system to load the flights which eliminates the possibility of a sideways loaf
  • Flighted Infeed Cons:Only works well with nice uniform pan breads (not ideal for artisan loafs
  • The infeed height is approximately 8″ taller than the discharge height.
  • Flighted infeeds use more moving parts than belted systems


Belted Infeed Pros:

  • Belted infeeds use less components
  • Belted systems yield more slicing time if the slicer is timed right
  • Belted systems are safer and have less pinch point for the operator
  • Belted systems work much better on artisan and hearth style loaves than a flighted infeed

Belted Infeed Cons:

  • Belted systems tend to loose timing frequently (not every flight is loaded)
  • The discharge becomes much more complex to run a belted system.
  • Belted systems can run into problems if there is too much back pressure on infeed

RSC – flighted/side belt Our reciprocating slicer has a fixed slice thickness which eliminates thick and thin slicing issues.  However, this slice thickness can be adjusted in less than 5 minutes by swapping out the blade frame.  This slicer can be connected to a hand bagger, deluxe hand bagger, or to a fully automatic bagger.  This slicer is recommended for those hard to slice products like gluten-free breads, cinnamon raisin breads, breads with inclusions like nuts or fruit, dense hard crusted breads, and even the hard to slice pound cakes. RSC Brochure Download File

RSC – Top & Bottom belted Same great RSC slicer as above, but with a top and bottom belted infeed system that allows this system to work great on hearth breads as well as nice pullman loafs.

Model 40 slicer This slicer has the advanced features of the BSI 75 Slicer with a lower price point to suit lower production levels. Model 40 comes standard with belted top and bottom infeed belts and with an adjustable lattice which is capable of producing 34 slices from 3/8 to 3/4.  This unit can be used for semi-automatic or fully automatic operations and is capable of producing up to 50 lpm. This machines works best for mid size bakeries and full scale artisan bakeries.  ​ Model 40 Brochure Download File

 High Speed Dicer that can be paired with either the BSI-75 or BSI-75B slicer to make croutons.  This slicer uses two sets of blades, both in the x and y axis, to perform a cross cut on loaf bread.  Capable of slicing up to 35 loafs per minute.

Frozen slicer
Frozen roll slicer for sandwich assembly.  This slicer will slice a single row of frozen rolls such as English muffins, ciabatta, biscuits, or croissants at temperatures as low as 0 degree internal temp.  After slicing, the rolls are separated so that the tops are sitting next to the bottoms for easy sandwich assembly.

Horizontal band slicer

Stand alone horizontal band slicer for the through slicing of buns, rolls, or even sheet cake.  Has an open guarding design to allow easy access for blade changes. 

Horizontal Band Slicer with Deluxe Hand Bagger and Closure Conveyor option

Hinge slicer

Our hinge slicer can slice 2, 3, or 4 lane hinge or web slicing for small to medium size bakeries. We produce these slicers for individual or cluster products, bagels, hard rolls, and specialty rolls. We modify each slicer for the particular product that you are running. Our units can be used in conjunction with semi-automatic or automatic bagging.

Shown as a stand-alone unit with infeed guide rails, a loading shelf, and deluxe hand baggers.

Hinge/band slicer
Combines the Horizontal band slicer and the hinge slicer on one conveyor.  This unit can be sold as a stand-alone slicer for hand loading and unloading or can be used with a hand bagger, a semi-automatic bagger, or can even be built as a replacement for the slicer section in an automatic bun line.
Shown as a stand-alone option with infeed guiderails and loading shelf.

​Hinge slicer with bottom up slicerPicture

Ultrasonic – conveyed Our ultrasonic is capable of slicing pound cakes, sheet cakes, and all types of round cakes.

Ultrasonic – rotary

crustless slicer

Standard Features:2 Individual Units1 Intermediate Tipping Conveyor.5 HP Drive Motors on Blades and ConveyorsSimple Functions and Controls Tubular Washdown FramingNEMA 4 EnclosureDC Control Voltage 220/380/460 3ph 50/60Hz ​
Operational Features:Capable of Slicing up to 40 lpmMin/Max Dimensions: 3” to 6” Tall, 3” to 6” Wide, 6” to 20” LongIndividually Adjusted Blades Allow the Operator to Adjust for ProductBalanced Urethane Coated Blade Drive WheelsPerforated Aluminum GuardingVFD Drive Controls Product Speeds and Blade Speeds
Safety Features:Category 3 SafetiesCoded RFID Safeties with AB Relay Picture

Half-cake slicer

Guarter cake slicer