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Wash water is pumped through rotating spray arms fitted with high velocity stainless steel V jets designed to cut and remove stubborn soils. Wash cycles are selected from a short, medium or long sequence (4, 6 or 8 minutes) depending on soil conditions. Each wash cycle is followed by a 30 second hot water, sanitizing rinse. Filters collect debris and keep the nozzles from clogging. Our pot, pan and utensil washers are equipped with electric, gas or steam booster heaters to maintain proper operating temperatures.

As opposed to domestic dishwashers with 40 to 60 minute wash times, Douglas Machines’ industrial pot, pan and container washers utilize larger water pumps (2 to 15 H.P.), higher operating pressures (40 to 50 P.S.I) and specially designed, high velocity, fast cutting, spray nozzles to clean containers in fraction of the time.


Regardless of the model, each Douglas Machines’ pot washer, pan washer or container washer features 

  • A recirculating detergent wash tank
  • A separate, fresh water sanitizing rinse tank
  • Lift-door or split-door models
  • Sheet pan capacities of 10, 20 or 36 pans per batch
  • Special pass-through models with tabling are also available.

Choose from Douglas Machines’ list of 14 standard pot, pan and container washers below.