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MIWE orbit rack oven

Outstanding performance for your daily work – MIWE orbit

Excellent baking results, simple operation and a robust design for heavy-duty use typical of MIWE – all this and its outstanding use of space distinguish the new MIWE orbit and make it recommendable for bakehouses and market bakeries alike. Convection wagon oven with a rotating rack (standing with rotary plate or optionally suspended) for dough pieces of all kinds. With oil, gas or electric heating.

  • diamond First-class baking results Superb shine and optimum volume thanks to a 4-stroke heating coil made of high-temperature-resistant steel, a high-performance steam generator and intelligent air flow.
  • thumb-up Operation is a breeze Modern and intuitive touch control system MIWE TC: suitable for even inexperienced users.
  • network Maximum flexibility – now and in the future Available as rotary plate variant or with hygienic lift system for suspended rack trolleys. Door handle easily switched. Can be surrounded on three sides. Entire technology accessible from the front means easy maintenance. Burner selection flexible as well.

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Features: What makes the MIWE orbit so unique

Follows your system

Two different systems have established themselves in the world of convection oven baking: the rotary plate version, in which the trolley is moved onto a platform, which turns during baking.

And the lift variant, in which the trolley is inserted into a suspension device that lifts it and rotates it freely when baking.

The MIWE orbit can do both and therefore allows you to remain true to your preferred system and continue to use your existing racks. The rotary plate variant is standard; the lift variant is optional.

Large baking area on a small footprint

Take a moment to consider: the MIWE orbit functions with a minimal footprint – and yet all of its technical components (burner, heating register, water installation, etc.) are accessible from a single side, namely the front, for easy maintenance.

This allows you to install it, if necessary, so that it is enclosed on three sides (left, back, right), for example in an alcove or in a row. This also means that every square inch of space is used optimally.

Ready for connectivity

Of course, the MIWE orbit is also network-compatible. How could such a universal oven not be? This means that you can connect it to a network and then access it remotely.

To check the current oven status, for example. Or to manage your baking programs with a special software solution. Or to store your baking data over a longer period of time and evaluate it for quality monitoring purposes. With the MIWE orbit, the sky’s the limit for your data.

Safe and economical at the same time

The fact that we have thoroughly optimized the insulation of the new MIWE orbit is something you can confidently get your hands on (e.g. at its surfaces).

But you’ll also be able to see it in your account books. Because less energy loss and optimal energy use are reflected in an outstanding combustion efficiency – and therefore result in reduced energy cost.

Convince yourself about MIWE orbit

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MIWE backcombi

A dream team

Combines the best of both baking worldsElectrically heated combination composed of two first-class oven systems: A convection oven (MIWE aero e+ or MIWE econo) and MIWE condo deck oven combined in one system. Ensures maximum flexibility and exceptional variety in baking, even in the smallest of spaces.

MIWE – Condo Line of Modular Convection Ovens

MIWE condo

The all-rounder

At home in the best bakeries in the world, and for good reason Superior baking like one of the larger models, but with a more modest surface area. Electrically heated deck oven with a gentle baking atmosphere for premium baking results across the entire product range, from delicate pastries to classic oven-baked rolls to heavy varieties of bread – even roasts are cooked to perfection. Modular design to suit any capacity needs, available in several base measurements and models with baking surface areas of 0.24 to 8.64 m². With separately adjustable top and bottom heating for each stove. A masterpiece admired around the world in first-class bakeries and shops, patisseries, hotels, restaurants and in the catering industry.